Rules for building an outstanding Life

START WITH GREATNESS IN MIND. Desire to be great with obsession and conviction! Greatness is a choice.

HAVE FAITH. Believe you can have an outstanding life. Count your blessings and be grateful for what you are and what you have. Remove limitations you put on yourself.

CREATE A VISION AND OWN IT. Commit totally to your vision. Be the face and the voice of your vision in your daily interactions. Visualize its accomplishment and see it materialize.

TAKE ACTION AND HAVE A STRATEGY. Go after exactly what you want. Create your plan, put the plan into action and follow through with persistence. Don’t stop until you get what you want. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail! Revise the plan and strategy when appropriate

ACQUIRE SPECIALISED KNOWLEDGE. Education is the power of an empower life. Knowledge is power. It is the new currency. Gain experiences and continue learning. Be a life long learner

GO THE EXTRA MILES. Do everything to the very best of your ability. Do more than you are asked. Always put the best craft on the table. Go outside your comfort zone. That’s where the growth is!

CREATE A MASTERMIND ALLIANCE. Surround yourself with the best people who share your vision. A brilliant vision without an effective team is a delusion!

HAVE A 360 DEG NETWORK. Your network is your net worth!

• Network “UP” with people who are more senior, experienced and influential than you are. They are people who can become mentors or future sponsors
• Network “DOWN” with people who are more junior than you. These people can serve as reverse mentors and teach you and help you to be innovative
• Network “ACROSS” with peers who work in the same or different industries/departments as you do. Peers are typically our strongest critics and the lack of strong peer relationships make it very difficult to succeed

CHOOSE A COMPATIBLE AND SUPPORTIVE PARTNER. Having a supportive partner is very important for success. Love and romance are key emotions capable of driving a person to heights of super achievement. These emotions when combined may lift one to an attitude of genius. It is always about partnership.

HAVE A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. Master positivity and dismiss negative emotions. Concentrate on solutions not problems. If you want to be successful it is critical that the positive emotions dominate any negative one that arises.

COMMUNICATE WITH EXCELLENCE. Everything in life is about communication. Excellent communication skills are key. When you open your mouth, you tell the world who you are.

BE AUTHENTIC AND MANAGE THE BRAND CALLED YOU. Get out of the sea of sameness into the Island of individuality. Each person has a personal brand that has a profound impact on the quality of their interpersonal interactions, and success. Add a unique signature to everything you do. Make yourself stand out.


…it is rare to get a speaker who can have the crowd snorting, walking around like depressed people, comparing us to trees, and talking about tirodial fields in the one presentation!! My big ah ha from your presentation was “when the why is big enough, the how is never the problem”. Thanks again for your willingness to engage with people so humorously and with such a genuine spirit… ”